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Brand Story

         MALAILUX comes from the word “MALAI” in Thai which means to use parts of flowers, petals, and leaves to make a garland. There are different ways to make a garland, ranging from traditional way to modern. In the past, Thai ancestors are well-known for having a good artistic skill in decorating. Apart of its nice smell and appearance, garland is also used for many purposes. For example, it was recorded that garlands were used to decorate the royal palace on a special occasion and in some auspicious ceremonies. Also, Thai people like to give a garland to their guests and visitors to welcome and make them feel important. This is a custom that has been transferred from the past to present.               

         As for the word “LUX”, it is from “Luxury” which connotes extravagance and abundance. These two words inspired the design of logo to be a picture of flowers that has a creative and beautiful design with Thai characteristic, which creates an image of MALAILUX as charming and attractive. Express your taste through a nice scent that will make you feel relaxed and enjoy your daily life.

       We are not just aromatherapy products we are room decorations and also create an atmosphere for your work desk to be perfect place. With aromatic scents, it increases positive energy, keep your mind clear, strengthen concentration and also gives a feeling of relaxation. We also presented our products in different way by using design paper has a beautiful and unique appearance from Malailux brand and also reduces of consumable materials.