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Precious Flower Shower Scrub 250ml

350 ฿

With Organic Chamomile Flower Extract*, Silk Protein, Xanthone Extract, Marigold Flower Extract The scent of flowers that will transform your bathroom into a field of blooming flowers. Enjoy our shower gel that comes with soft Jojoba beats that can gently scrub your skin. Nourish your skin with Chamomile extract—a kind of flower that is highly gentle with your skin. It helps reduce irritation, protects skin from daily pollution, and leaves it moisturized with Sericin extract natural protein from silk worm and Xanthone extract from mangosteen peel essence, helps reduce bacteria that cause body odor. Directions for use: Pour PRECIOUS FLOWER Shower Scrub onto your palm, work it into lather all over body and rinse off thoroughly. Use it daily or as desired.
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